Friday, August 12, 2011

Smashwords and Mark Corker

In June, my adult children gave me a Nook for my birthday, and I quickly discovered two free ebooks by Mark Corker:  Smashwords Style Guide and Smashwords Book Marketing Guide.  These books opened up the world of free ebook publishing to me.

For months, I'd been trying to interest several agents and two science fiction publishers in my sf novel Rescuing the Future, but without success. No one wanted to read the novel.

Corker's books gave me an idea:  first publish a prequel novelette called Godspeed Inc. as a free ebook (on which Rescuing the Future was based). I'd gain experience working with Smashwords and since Godspeed was really a reprint, I had nothing to lose. Then if that worked well, I could try to sell Rescuing as an ebook.

I followed all the formatting instructions and used a simple photo program to create a cover for Godspeed.  Since Naomi Kinder is the main character of both works, I decided to subtitle Godspeed Inc. with A Naomi Kinder Adventure, and the subtitle had to appear on the cover. Doing that gave me some branding to link the two (and prepare for two subsequent novels in the series).

Within a matter of minutes of uploading the file and cover picture, Godspeed was published on Smashwords.  Now, according to Corker, distribution to other outlets, including Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook, should follow in about a week after Godspeed was reviewed by Smashwords staff and achieved Premier Catalog status.

But then two weeks went by.  To be continued.

To see Godspeed from Smashwords go to

Vin Miskell


  1. Vin,

    So that's how you were introduced to Smashwords. I see I need to thank your children also for getting me started in publishing ebooks.

  2. Yes, the story continues, and your part comes soon.